The Importance of Negative Ions

  • Hospital burn victims have been treated successfully with negative ions.
  • People living near natural water falls, a highly concentrated negative ion environment, live healthier and longer lives.
  • Asthma and allergies are alleviated even cured in atmospheres rich in negative ions.
  • Athletes have progressed more rapidly when training in environments high in negative ion.
  • Negative ion generators have helped car drivers to stay more alert, feel less fatigued and have better reflexes.
  • Women menstrual cycles are more regular and sexual capacities are enhanced in a negative ion atmosphere.
  • Airborne bacteria and viruses are destroyed by negative ions.

Author's History

On August 1, 1997 I began a contract for a manufacturer of polarized filters and ionizers (negative ion generators).

In November, Nicolas Greco, a friend and former biologist, tested an ionizer.

"You should look into this further," he insisted. " I think ther is unbelievable potential inthis sphere."

Encouraged, I started researching, siting through the company's documentation first.

John Hurley suggested Iread a collection of articles and small book entitledThe Ion Effect, by Fred Soyka.

The book was a revelation. Unable to find a copies of it in Montreal and Toronto, I tried to contact the publisher and author directly. I sent several faxes to Toronto and New York, but without success.

The book was out of print and the author could not be reached.

I wanted to have copies made of it for acquaintances, but could not do so without violating copyright law.

I continued looking for other books articles on the subject, but those I found were also out of print.

For months, I tried unsuccessfully to contact Dr. Hervé Robert, author of Ionization, Health Vitality, and his publisher, Artulen. On a business trip to France, I even consulted the electronic phone book, but neither of the two Hervé Robert's it listed was the author I was looking for.

Finally, convinced of the importance of the subject but to find available material about it, I decided to write this book, which both summarizes the literature about and documents personal experiences of the effects of negative ions.

Jean-Yves Côté